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  • 2013 Spring Awards For Travel Team Players

    At Burning River we like to recognize our players for their accomplishments on the field and off. Numerous of our players were voted to All-America, All Ohio, and All Region teams. Their hard work and talented play was acknowledged by coaches around the state, earning them a spot on these teams. We want to congratulate the following players on their awards for the 2013 lacrosse season. (Complete List PDF)

    Ohio Position Player Of The Year

    • Aaron Blossey - Goalie     (2013 Rocky River)
    • Hayes McGinley - Midfield (2013 University School)
    • Mike Poe - LSM                (2013 Rocky River)

    Most Outstanding Player In Northern Ohio (Adam Hamilton Award)

    • Drew Barksdale (2013 Solon)

    Academic All American

    • Patrick Donley (2015 Chagrin Falls)
    • Kyle Weber (2013 Chagrin Falls)

    All American

    • Drew Barksdale (2013 Solon)
    • Aaron Blossey (2013 Rocky River)
    • Josh Kuehn (2013 Medina)
    • Hayes McGinley (2013 University School)

    All Ohio

    • 1st Team                                                                     
      Aaron Blossey Rocky River Goalie  2013
      Sam Littman  Solon Attack  2013
      Will Holden Hawken School Defense  2013
      Hayes  McGinley University School  Midfield 2013
      Robert Perez Rocky River Attack 2013
      Stephen Petersilge Hawken School Attack  2013
      Mike Poe Rocky River LSM  2013

    • 2nd Team
      Drew Barksdale Solon Midfield  2013
      Josh Kuehn Medina Midfield  2013
      Ian Mack Avon Lake Defense  2015
      Gavin Shaner West G Faceoff Specialist 2014
      Elliot Smith Avon Lake Attack  2013
      Kyle Weber Chagrin Falls Midfield  2013

    • Honorable Mention
      Andrew Blackwell University School Defense  2014
      Steven Coss Jackson Attack  2014
      Patrick Donley Chagrin Falls Defense  2015
      Tyler Furbay Jackson Attack  2014
      Brendan Gallagher Solon Defense  2013
      Tyler Galosi Medina Defense  2013
      Liam Ganzhorn University School Goalie  2014
      Max Hartong Jackson Defense  2014
      Clarke Jones University School Attack  2014
      Bryan Karn Solon Goalie  2015
      William Koester Sylvania Goalie  2014
      Jack McConnell University School LSM  2014
      Nate Miller St. John Jesuit Attack  2014
      Griff Stephens Chagrin Falls Attack  2015
      Creighton Stephens Chagrin Falls Midfield  2013

    All Region (Northeast Ohio or Northwest Ohio)

    • 1st Team (28 Players)

      Drew Barksdale  Solon  Midfield  2013
      Andrew Blackwell  University School  Defense  2014
      Aaron Blossey  Rocky River  Goalie  2013
      Steven Coss  Jackson  Attack  2014
      Patrick Donley  Chagrin Falls  Defense  2015
      Tyler Furbay  Jackson  Attack  2014
      Brendan Gallagher  Solon  Defense  2013
      Tyler Galosi  Medina  Defense  2013
      Liam Ganzhorn  University School  Goalie  2014
      Max Hartong  Jackson  Defense  2014
      Will Holden  Hawken School  Defense  2013
      Clarke Jones  University School  Attack  2014
      Bryan Karn  Solon  Goalie  2015
      William Koester  Sylvania  Goalie  2014
      Josh Kuehn  Medina  Midfield  2013
      Sam Littman  Solon  Attack  2013
      Ian Mack  Avon Lake  Defense  2015
      Jack McConnell  University School  LSM  2014
      Hayes McGinley  University School  Midfield  2013
      Nate Miller  St. John Jesuit  Attack  2014
      Robert Perez  Rocky River  Attack 2013
      Stephen Petersilge  Hawken School  Attack  2013
      Mike Poe  Rocky River  LSM  2013
      Gavin Shaner  West G Faceoff Specialist 2014
      Elliot Smith  Avon Lake  Attack  2013
      Creighton Stephens  Chagrin Falls  Midfield  2013
      Griff Stephens  Chagrin Falls  Attack  2015
      Kyle Weber  Chagrin Falls  Midfield  2013

    • 2nd Team (11 Players)                                                              

      Mario Caito Solon Attack 2015
      John Emmenecker St. John Jesuit Faceoff Specialist 2013
      Trevor Hamm Solon LSM 2015
      Cam Happel St. John Jesuit Midfield 2014
      William Happel St. John Jesuit LSM 2013
      Logan Lambert Kenston Attack 2013
      Sean Mackin Chagrin Falls  Midfield 2015
      Jake Maruna St. Ignatius Midfield 2014
      Ethan  Scully Hawken School Defense 2015
      Sam Strang University School Attack 2013
      Jake White Jackson Defense 2014

    Captains (High School Varisty Programs Only)

    We would like to congratulate all of the BR travel team players who were elected captain of their Varsity High School teams. At Burning River, we are proud to recognize our players who work hard and strive to better themselves on the field and off. The exemplary leadership displayed by these young men was noticed by their coaches and peers and made them ideal prospects to fill the role of captain. We extend our congratulations out to these 22 players and wish them luck with their seasons. (Complete list PDF)

    • 2013
      Drew Barksdale – Solon
      Aaron Blossey – Rocky River
      Colin Brady – Shaker Heights
      John Emmenecker – St John Jesuit
      Michael Flynn – University School
      Brendan Gallagher - Solon
      Tyler Galosi – Medina
      Cam Happel – St John Jesuit
      Will Happel – St John Jesuit
      Josh Kuehn – Medina
      Sam Littman - Solon
      Jake Maruna – St. Ignatius
      Bobby Perez – Rocky River
      Stephen Petersilge – Hawken
      Mike Poe - Rocky River
      Frank Savena – BBHS
      Mason Schoch – Strongsville
      Gavin Shaner – West Geauga
      Elliot Smith – Avon Lake
      Creighton Stephens – Chagrin Falls
      Kyle Weber – Chagrin Falls

    • 2014/15
      William Koester – Sylvania

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