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  • College Recruiting Night Tuesday, January 9, 2018. (Registration Open) - Flyer

    Every year we are asked by many of you for help with the college recruiting / college selection process.  To that end we are holding our 8th Annual College Coaches Recruiting Night on Wednesday November 15, 2017.

    Why Should I Attend?

    Getting recruited to play in college is a confusing and complicated process.  The process can start as early as 8th grade and is often unclear, confusing and unintuitive.  Parents and players naturally wonder

    • How do I get the process started?
    • What are the proper steps? 
    • How do I find a good fit?
    • How do I improve my chances? 

    Over the past 9 years we have helped over 180 of our athletes get in to over 80 colleges. Now we want to share our knowledge and help you better navigate the process.  Our recruiting night is designed to provide you with an overview of the process, hear from college coaches, hear from players/parents who have been through the process and most importantly get answers to your questions.

    If you have a child who wants to play lacrosse / sports in college, this is an important first step in learning about that process.  The event will cover the following:

    • an overview of the college recruiting process, recent changes to the recruiting process and the most important things you can do to improve your chances.

    • a talk by Kelly MacLean of College Recruiting Specialists on
      • the importance of academics in getting recruited
      • how to select high school courses that help with college admissions
      • how to deal with the ACT and test prep
      • how to find / target schools where you are likely to be successful athletically, academically & socially.

    • presentations by college coaches. Their presentations will touch on the recruiting process at their school and in general (timelines, what they look for, how players should prepare, grades, etc.). 

    Following the college coaches’ presentations there will be a Q&A session where you can ask your questions directly to the panel.

    The event is open to all players/parents at all levels and anyone who wants to attend (you do not have to be a lax player).

    How Do I Register For The College Recruting Night?

    To register for the College Recruiting Night click simply click on the link below

    Once there:

    * Current Burning River Lacrosse Players - log in with your username and password then complete the registration form

    * New / Non Burning River players - Create an account and then complete the registration.

    If you have any questions about the College Recruiting Night or the registration process please contact us at 216.373.5684

    Participant Testimonials

    • "Thanks so much for putting on the event!  I thought it was well organized, informative and overall- just a great event.  Organizing the advice from the perspective of the coaches and a fellow parent was helpful.  Providing advice on the role of a parent, the player, and the club/HS coach was an effective way to share a lot of information. Thanks for emphasizing academics.  That is an important message for everyone to understand!" – Lisa – HS player.

    • "I really appreciate your putting on this event. I learned a lot about the process, what to expect and when. I also appreciate all that you and BR do to facilitate helping the players with their decision and the process. This is just another reason that Brady and I are so happy to have found our place with BR. Thanks for all that you do." Kane - HS player.

    • "I thought the event was great. There was a lot of excellent information and I walked out of there with 9-1/2 pages of notes. On the way there, Nate was complaining about missing lifting, but afterwards, he said he was very happy he attended as he definitely took a lot away from the session." Peter – HS Player

    • "The college recruiting night is a valuable event for lacrosse families.  It is especially useful for families with kids in middle school since they are just starting to think about the process.  It is a unique opportunity to hear from coaches in each division as well as ask them questions all in the same evening.  If you have a child who wants to play lacrosse in college, this is an important first step in learning about that process." John - Multiple Players

    Which College Coaches Will Be At The Event?

    • D2 - Steve Gartlemann, Head Coach - Lake Erie College

    • D3 - P.J. Kavanagh, Head Coach - The College Of Wooster

    What Are The Event Details? (Flyer)

    When        Tuesday, January 9, 2018

    Where       Brecksville Community Center - One Cimmunity Drive, Brecksville, Ohio 44141

    Time:        6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

    Who:         Any lacrosse player/family with an interest in learning about the college recruiting process.

    How Many: The first 125 registrants only

    Cost:         The cost of the event is $50 per family. Note - BR Travel Team players, the cost is included in your summer fees.

    To Register: Simply Click To Here To Register

    What Is The Agenda?

    College Selection Process
    Overview of the college recruiting process (daily life of an athlete, the best way to know a school)
    How to master the process (Run the process or the process will run you)
    Timeline of getting recruited: D1, D2, D3 (it is never too early or too late)
    How to get recruited and how to communicate with coaches 
    How to conduct yourself both on and off the field as a potential student-athlete (pitfalls to avoid)
    The most important things you can do to improve your chances (essential moves to make)
    The players role, the parents role (being an active participant)
    Recruiting rules of contact (official visits vs unofficial visits, verbal vs. written commitments)
    Questions to ask (showing interest)
    and much, much more!!!

    College Selection Process (College Coaches View)
    College coaches will talk about the recruiting process at their school and in general (timelines, what they look for, how players should prepare for it, grades, etc). 

    Resources (Thank you Blue Chip 225 For These Links - www.bluechiplax.com)

    It's a great time to be investigating colleges whatever your grad year.  There are a variety of ways to do your homework about colleges and programs you might be interested and even some ways that help you identify schools.  


    There are about 3,000 colleges in the country, and you can't know every one.  There are many online guides to colleges, but very few online options that combine academics and athletics.  

    The College Board has an excellent sort and find tool which shows 798 colleges with mens lacrosse.  Click here to visit this list and browse colleges that might fit you. 

    Peterson's College Guide and search tool list 874 colleges with men's lacrosse programs.  Click here to browse these.  

    A phenomenal resource is presented by Scholarship Stats. They have a summary of almost every lacrosse program in the country, their roster size, average student aid, admission profile.  While their data is now a year old, it is an extraordinary view of the funding profile of each college for its athletes and for non-athletes as well.  This is a not to be missed resource. 

    Here's the big one - the link to name, email and phone for college lacrosse coaches from just about every college both 4 year and 2 year in the country.  Thanks to US Lacrosse for this great resource.  

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